Casting Agencies

There are a whole host of agencies around the country and the competition for being signed up to one is fierce. Agents vary in the areas they specialise in; whereas one may concentrate on film another may pool their resources into advertisements or TV Extras.

Getting your foot in the door and being contracted by a respectable casting agency is every actor’s dream. The agent cannot promise your success however established companies will have a catalogue of clients including directors that they will market you to.

We actively promote your profile to the top UK Casting agencies, and with the means to upload your photos, videos and audio files, we make sure that you access the professionals that are looking for you.

Typically, the larger the organisation, the more specific the area they operate in. Agencies vary across the board, so whether you’re a performance artist, a TV extra, a stage actor or a wannabe aspiring to break into film and TV there will be one to suit you.

By choosing which categories you fit into, you will appear in search results as the agencies seek to find the talent that is ideal for them. They can then contact you directly to arrange an interview or audition, and your journey to success has begun. 

As there are a lot of people wanting to break into show business, there are a lot of scams where people like to make money from the desire to become famous.

 Here are a few tips of what to avoid:

  • A Casting agency will not ask for an upfront fee. They work on a commission basis, meaning if they find you work they will take their share. This is usually 10-15% of your earnings before tax.
  • An agency will never guarantee you work. They will have contacts that would be otherwise unavailable to you, and they will promote you to leading advertisement companies, producers and casting directors, however no casting agency can predict who will be chosen for a specific role.
  • A reputable casting agency will not enrol you by post. To ensure they are investing in the right person they will want to meet you face to face, no matter how much they tell you they are confident, “you are the one.”
  • They will have an office and a list of clients that will be searchable; at least some of the clients will have found work in certain media, so these should be easily searchable.
  • Above all, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

 As soon as you sign up FREE to OneFace we will actively promote your profile.


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